One Year Anniversary

Hey guys, it’s my one year anniversary since I started the Sky Babies on the 11th of June.  I know it’s gone quick hasn’t it.  I have an anniversary page here (which is a Q&A to me and anyone in my stories), and a memory lane page for each story written thus far, except for the Nightingale Resort as that’s still in early days and the Anniversary is being hosted there.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the baby glitch has been tried and tested today after a full uninstall and reinstall, it’s still there.  I don’t want to do this but until further notice both Jenna and Houston’s challenges are cancelled.  I haven’t decided what to do about Melody’s as she is the furthest along and I may decide to force her challenge by using master controllers non glitched babies (instant baby) to actually complete the challenge.  She is at 65 kids in game and thus only has 35 kids to go.  I don’t want to cancel any of the challenges but the glitch I have been informed is a pets and patch 1.32 clash.  How exactly that works I don’t know but it’s not a CC issue its a pets and EA one.  So many of you have been so supportive and tried to help me through this issue but unless EA fix it I don’t think I can due to the information I’ve been given.

What is the glitch exactly you ask, well if I get a sim pregnant and have them go through the pregnancy the child is glitched, currently there is a 50% chance of a baby’s picture being glitched like below (the first image is before the uninstall the second after).

When this happens in my game they will not age up to toddlers.  Before the uninstall it was a 98% chance of a glitched child so I’m worried about the odds going back up since the uninstall and reinstall.  The core of the issue though is that with birthday cake or trigger age transition or waiting for their birthday and aging up naturally they won’t they remain as babies regardless of what I do.  I have babies set to age up after two days and I tried everything over the course of a full sim week, the babies I used (triplets) refused with every method to age up, I have had over 150 children born since then for testing of this glitch purposes and every glitched child would not age up.  I really have tried everything which includes crying, obviously that didn’t help.  There is not a fix I can find for this.


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