One Year Anniversary

Hey guys, it’s my one year anniversary since I started the Sky Babies on the 11th of June.  I know it’s gone quick hasn’t it.  I have an anniversary page here (which is a Q&A to me and anyone in my stories), and a memory lane page for each story written thus far, except for the Nightingale Resort as that’s still in early days and the Anniversary is being hosted there.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the baby glitch has been tried and tested today after a full uninstall and reinstall, it’s still there.  I don’t want to do this but until further notice both Jenna and Houston’s challenges are cancelled.  I haven’t decided what to do about Melody’s as she is the furthest along and I may decide to force her challenge by using master controllers non glitched babies (instant baby) to actually complete the challenge.  She is at 65 kids in game and thus only has 35 kids to go.  I don’t want to cancel any of the challenges but the glitch I have been informed is a pets and patch 1.32 clash.  How exactly that works I don’t know but it’s not a CC issue its a pets and EA one.  So many of you have been so supportive and tried to help me through this issue but unless EA fix it I don’t think I can due to the information I’ve been given.

What is the glitch exactly you ask, well if I get a sim pregnant and have them go through the pregnancy the child is glitched, currently there is a 50% chance of a baby’s picture being glitched like below (the first image is before the uninstall the second after).

When this happens in my game they will not age up to toddlers.  Before the uninstall it was a 98% chance of a glitched child so I’m worried about the odds going back up since the uninstall and reinstall.  The core of the issue though is that with birthday cake or trigger age transition or waiting for their birthday and aging up naturally they won’t they remain as babies regardless of what I do.  I have babies set to age up after two days and I tried everything over the course of a full sim week, the babies I used (triplets) refused with every method to age up, I have had over 150 children born since then for testing of this glitch purposes and every glitched child would not age up.  I really have tried everything which includes crying, obviously that didn’t help.  There is not a fix I can find for this.


I know its been a while

Hey guys, so I’ve still got the bug, I’ve not managed to fix it yet but mostly cause I’ve not had time to fix it. In the meantime I have another story going at the moment that was started for just a bit of fun and mostly cause if I didn’t I probably would have thrown the game out of the window.

I know some of you have found it but for those of you who haven’t its the Nightingale Resort. I’ll be happy to see you all along there whilst I try and get time to uninstall and reinstall everything in the hopes that fixes the nasty baby glitch.

We have a problem

I’m so upset about this I can’t believe it but my babies in every game are glitched, in every town I can’t get around this issue.  When the babies are born their pics are wrong and then when I try and age them up regardless of if I wait for their birthday, use birthday cake or trigger age transition they refuse to age up.

I went into game late last night to mess about with Devlin’s daughter and her upcoming family so I got her pregnant for a bit of fun and had her have the babies.  The babies pictures came out like this.

I don’t know what to do, as far as I can tell it’s related to the pregnancies.  If I instant baby when pregnant I get these glitchy babies, if I instant baby when not pregnant I get normal kids that age up and are right.

Other than uninstalling and re installing I don’t know what to do as I really have exhausted all other possibilities in the last ten hours.  The worst part is the fact nothing changed I’ve not been in game, I’ve not altered anything I can’t see what the game thinks is different from before as I’ve not even added mods/cc or store content.  I did test this with Melody she had one of these children and when trying to age up the baby the game crashed to desktop.  For the time being I’m not in a good place as I don’t want to give up my challenges but I also don’t want to have it so I can’t have pregnancies and babies born in game that aren’t naturally through pregnancies.  This is the worst glitch in the world for a baby challenge parent as how do you continue when you can’t do what your supposed to?!?

I know this probably doesn’t make any sense but the challenges are screwed if I can’t get this to sort itself out.  I could maybe do another challenge but I would have to plan what amount of kids we would get from each pregnancy and cheat to get a normal baby as pregnancies are what is screwing up the game itself.

Hey guys

Sorry for the disappearance but things haven’t been great at spider headquarters.  I hope to be back in game by the end of the week or sometime next week and get some update pics and working on updates.  This does mean were probably a few weeks off but I’m only getting there due to work easing now.  For those of you that missed the posts I mentioned what was wrong.  First I had a procedure on my arm which killed (hurt alot) and on top of that at the time my hours at work doubled.  I am still on double hours for the moment but that should change next week.  This has left me with next to no time, what with being ill still I’ve just got up gone to work, slept, gone to work, slept etc.  With the hours about to go back to normal I may start to feel human again and be able to think about my stories I miss so much.  Thank you for bearing with me and being so patient.  You are all awesome and help to keep me driven.


Welcome to Houston’s site!

He’s lived here on Lunar Lakes his whole life.  His grandparents crash landed here with the others on the spaceship that took them from your normal sim verse to look for alien life forms and other inhabitable sim areas.  He is the last of the long Sky line and wishes to bring them back, but he also wishes to help out baby challenge parents in our timeline as well. You see Houston is like his grandparents of long ago (about 20 generations ago) MelodyJenna and Devlin Sky. He is a wizard. He wants to have unique children for you baby parents out there male and female alike, from angels, to fairies, to aliens, to elves to ghosts, to berries to whatever children you would like to see.  Houston is named (if you haven’t guessed) after the quote “Houston we have a problem” and I guess we have a problem if there are no more Sky’s.

 I have other stories:

The Sky Babies, Jenna’s mum has a challenge but she does it to stop her crazy Aunt from some unknown purpose, Why does Edna want the house, Can Melody beat her and can she find love when cursed to never keep love &

Jenna’s Berry Babies,  which is Melody’s daughter doing her own 100 daughter challenge where she adopts as well as births daughters for help in repopulating Hidden Springs  &

Devlin, the Magnificent, Sky, which see Devlin move out of Jenna’s looking to make a life for himself as a magician, but then he meets a girl who he feels compelled to save.

There is also a facebook page for all my stories and each tale has its own Sims’s 3 forum pages.Sky BabiesJenna’s Berry Babies, Devlin’s is still to be set up & Houston Sky.

I love to hear from my readers, so if you feel like coming out of lurkdom (I know it well) then I will be happy to read your comment and always reply to you.

Oberon & Cassie become children

It wasn’t long after Cosntance’s chat with Jae she went up and got Oberon.  “Come on Obi time to age up.”

“Yay!” And with that he blew out his candle.

I was stood there blowing one of the few party items we had.

“I spawkle.”

“Yes you do Obi.”

Oberon gained the easily impressed trait as the sparkles continued to fall.

“Hi son.”

“I’m the biggest dad.”

“Yes you are Oberon.”

I clapped at him he was so handsome.

“You bore me now dad, I’m going to have fun.”

Not the way to talk to your father kid, he’s done alot for you.

“Yeah and he’s got more babies upstairs to dote on.”

Constance comes downstairs at the end of the conversation with Cassie.  She told Oberon to come back to see his sister age up as I just stood there not knowing what to say to him.

Oberon grabs a party item “Come on Cassie.”

“Did I sparkle like that dad?”

Surprised he was not bored with me anymore I say yes.

Cassie looked so much like her mother and whilst sparkling gained the animal lover trait.  More like her mother than of course I’m an animal lover too but her mother got on with Jae and Peg.

We sit down for cake.  Cassie asks Constance, “So who are you then?”

“My name is Constance, and I’m your mother.”

“What’s one of them?” Oberon asks.

“I brought you into this world with the help of your dad.”

“Then why are we just meeting you, dads been here all the time.” Cassie asks.

“Hou, do you want to…” Constance starts to ask.

“Every child needs a mother and a father kids to come to be, but not all mums want to be here your mother wants to see you grow.  Your mother is one of a kind.”  I say the last part blushing.

I got up saying I needed to check on the toddlers, really I just needed to get my blushing face away from observant Constance.

“Can we go home with you then mum?” Oberon asks clearly still upset there are others in the house taking my time away from him.

“Go easy on your dad son, he’s trying to do a good thing for a lot of people.”

“Yeah Obi dad’s always been there for you.”

“But why are there other kids upstairs are we not enough.”

“Your dads been set an impossible task Oberon and there will be alot more toddlers here, you will always be special to him though.”

Constance visits

I woke up early and spent the early hours of the morning teaching Jupiter to walk.

Outside Peg was walking around but something startled him.

I went out to give him his bottle.

I don’t want it Houston, I can’t..

“What’s wrong Peg you have to be thirsty.”

I am but I just… I cant…

“Peg what is going on?”

I’m scared Mr Houston, I can’t get this startled feeling to go away.  Honestly I’m freaking out here.

“Aww Peg you poor thing I’m sorry I sent Jae to check on you but I’ve been so busy with four toddlers.  I will have Oberon and Cassie aging up later maybe they can help me out or talk to you more often.”

That would be nice, Jae is good company but she’s spent a lot of time watching that bad mummy, I kind of feel left all alone and it’s scared me.

“Peg I’m sorry your not alone and it’s my fault I should… I’ll be better.”  Boy do I feel awful, this little guy relies on me just like the kids I need to find a way to balance everything.

It’s ok Houston you’ve got a lot on your plate as well.  You’ve done me no harm.

That didn’t really make me feel any better to be honest with you.

“Now that that’s settled would you like your bottle now?”

Yes please, and I’m sorry.

“Peg you have no reason to be sorry I just need to learn to juggle everything better.  I’ll do better.”

I went up to bed to rest whilst the kids slept, Jae came in at her normal time to wake me.

Your awake.

“Surprised you did I?”

Just a little yeah, this is near enough unheard of.

“I did come in for a nap but I couldn’t sleep.”

Something on your mind?

“Well yeah poor Peg is left to me and I accidentally ignore him.”

He will be fine, it will be better when you have children and teens in the house. 

“I know I just can’t help but feeling that I’ve let him down.”

That’s not all that’s bugging you is it?

“No it’s not….” I was interrupted by the door bell.

I could see Constance through the windows in the doors.

She looked as pretty as ever.

I changed quickly and clapped a bit, I had missed her so.

“I can see you Houston.”  I stopped clapping immediately and let her in.

“So hi, umm…”

“Hi.  I hope you don’t mind me coming round.”

“No of course not.  I was going to get the kids up soon, if you wanted to see them.”

“Actually that’s part of why I’m here.”  I stopped dead, she signed that paper was there a loophole?  As if reading my mind, “It’s their birthday today and if you’ll allow me I would like to see them age up.”  I couldn’t help it I practically breathed a sigh of relief but kept it quiet.

“Of course you can, if you want you can age them up.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I will have plenty more birthdays as I try and reach 100 I think you should get the chance if you want to be here.”

“That would be wonderful Hou.”

I missed her, she was the other thing playing on my mind and I think Jae knew that being as smart as she was, but I missed Constance she always made me happier when nearby, other than the scare just then of course.

Constance, what are you…  He misses you.

“I’m going to say Hi to Peg and then I will come in and see you Jae.”  She gave Jae a smile and Jae watched her wondering around.

Miss Star you have been missed here… I missed you.

“I’m sorry I went Peg but Hou needed to try and do the fatherhood thing alone. “

He could use a helping hand.

“I don’t know if he wants one Peg.”

I think you under sell yourself to him Miss Star.

“Constance please.”

I could never call a lady like yourself by their first name alone.

“You are sweet Peg, I really have missed you.”

Oh Constance I missed your hugs.

“I’m sorry I left so quickly Jae, I couldn’t deal with leaving the kids and Houston it was too much…”

He misses you, he doesn’t say anything but he does.

“You always know him best.”

I’d happily pass the torch along, or we could double team knowing him well.

“We’ll have to see, he may not want a woman around that can’t bear anymore of the kids for him.”

I think he would make an exception for you you know.  He fell for you at first sight, you will always mean the most to him and he dotes on your kids because of it.

“This is talk for another day, today is the children’s day.”

And that proves how well you two are suited together you know Constance.

“Maybe but that doesn’t change that today is not the day for any such talks.”

Who are they?

Thyone was sweet and as I threw her in the air I heard her siblings start to stir.

Jae came in the nursery long enough for me to ask her to check on Peg for me.  See if he needed anything.  Jupiter was obsessed with her swinging tail.

Cassie woke up in her usual cheery mood.

Jae came back to tell me Peg was OK but she needed a belly rub so I did of course attended to her needs.

Obi however was sulking.  “Daddy who they?”  I knew who he was taking about.

“They are your brother and sister.”

“But it’s jus me and Cassey.”

“I’m sorry son I told you, you have to share me.”

“Me no wanna share.  Jus me.”

“No son, you don’t get a choice, you have to share me.”

“I share ou daddy.”

“I know you do my sweet little Cassie.”

“NOOOOOO!  Ou my DADDY!”  Of course when he gets like this I can only calm him by holding him.

Of course Thyone and Jupiter had no idea why their brother was freaking out.  Instead happy little Thyone  was playing with the blocks.

Whilst Jae watched Jupiter out in the hall as I dealt with Oberon.  Jae thought Obi was funny actually.

I finally settled him enough to have his breakfast.

And get Cassie her own breakfast.  Between gulps she said to Obi, “Ou have to wearn to shares.  Daddy lovs ou.”

“I no shares.”  If only my son realised soon after he aged up he wouldn’t care about me anymore but some computer game or such.  I should relish this moment actually but it’s not fair on the others.